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Why Not Print?

So the other day I was doing some housekeeping for all my photos on my computer, I came across my professional maternity photos taken by the very talented Sammy Khoo over 4 years ago.

For one reason or another, I never had those images printed out, even though I was so happy with it. Mostly because not long after the session was concluded, Master H was born, and since then, life has just been hectic and cray cray. Printing out photos was definitely the last thing I would have had in my mind.

I went through the album and was shocked to find out that 2 of the pictures were corrupted and the file can no longer be open! Normally I would have tried my luck, reaching out to the photographer, asking if they have kept a backup of those photos, but believe it or not, Sammy packed up the business couple of years back, and is now traveling Malaysia in a DIY camper van with her husband and her dogs.

I was a bit sad, mostly at myself but these things do happen, surely not just to me. Which brings me to the reason of this blog...

For those who come to me, telling me that they only want digital images and nothing printed. I am here to ask, why not? To do a professional photo session, is so that you can capture a very special moment in your life, why would you only want to keep it in your computer and not have it display to show the whole world, be it an album, or a frame? You may said that sharing in social media is sufficient, but other than the yearly reminder FB gives you, how often would you have gone back to your socmed post to look at it over and again? You may think that you have already spent a large sum for the session, you don't want to have to spend anymore on printed images. I am here to tell you, it is Exactly because you have spent a large sum for the session, that's why you Need to have it printed.

My minimum package offers only digital images and nothing else, not because I agree with the "digital will suffice" sentiment. But I understand that some parents are happy with the quality of some retails printing company like Photobook, and that is ok. But please, have the images printed out, let them be a part of your family display. And for years to come, you can stop and admire it on the wall once in a while, or reminisce with your family while turning each page of the album with the pictures I have created for you and your family. Let it be your family heirloom because they are worth it.

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