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Our New Procedure

Covid... what a bummer.

Malaysia is going through another lockdown after the cases have spiked again!

Being in the business where I have close contact with brand new babies, it is all the more important for me to have a guideline on how things have to be operated. This is to minimize the risk of infecting my clients, their new baby, and of coz my own young family.

I used to run a home studio where I welcome some of my client into my home for their photo sessions. This has now been cancelled because of Covid-19.

In addition, I have also purchased a huge sterilizer, to clean all those little things that I cannot throw into the washing machine. These item used to be left out in sun for a minimum of a whole day as a part of cleaning procedure, now on top of that, i also put them in the sterilizer for an hour as an additional cleaning process.

My backdrop and props also gets a wipe down with anti bacterial wipes before each session. I weep a little every time I think about all these extra rubbish we are now creating because of this virus, but understand for our peace of mind, it is necessary.

For my session, I now require that only the ones that are going to be in the photoshoot, to be present during the session. And I also advise parents to keep outsider visitors to the minimum until after the session.

In addition to all the above, I ask parents to let me know if anyone is feeling unwell, and I will happily reschedule with no extra cost. However if I get to the session and found that someone is unwell and parents have decided to not tell me about it, then the session is cancel immediately, the deposit forfeited. Temperature is also checked for all that is present during the session.

I know some may think this all seemed a bit harsh, especially with the forfeiture of deposit. Unfortunately these are the measure I am force to take, during this extremely sensitive and trying times.

My priority is first and foremost, the safety of the babies that I do session for. So hopefully by implementing a stricter rules, I can get full co-operations from the parents, and bring the risk of infections to an absolute minimum. I have no doubt that anyone with a new baby can certainly appreciate that.

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