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Home School

I can't believe it has been months since I sat down to write a blog. Life, has been... interesting to say the least. With Covid raging most of last year and then again start of this year, everyone's life has pretty much been put on halt in many aspects.

Last year, when we were in lockdown, I've had to help H with his online learning. He was 4 with a typical 4 year old concentration. All I can say now is, I am glad, soooo very glad that nobody was hurt during those online learning days! And I will NEVER take the teachers for granted, EVER again.

I am not sure if most kids are the same, or H just have an insanely "kiasu" personality. He will be happy to sit and do the lessons, if the class of the day is for his favorite English subject. Being his favorite mostly has to do with the fact that it is the only subject he can understand proficiently, not necessary write or read yet because he was only 4 at the time. But if the subject of the day were Malay or Mandarin, then I have to pretty much duct tape him on the chair so that he can stay on the spot for the learning. Metaphorically of course, so no need to alert the authority for child abuse ^_^

So many memes around the internet about parent children relationship during online learning, and they are all true! I don't think my relationship with my eldest had been worse than during this very trying time. At one point, he actually told Matt, "Mummy yells alot."

For those parents who say they do not yell or punish children, all I can say is that they must not have to ever homeschool their own children. Because if you've had to go through it and still firmly belief yelling and punishing is not the way to go. Then you are not human, you are a saint!

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