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Something About the Award Winning Photographer...

Accountant & Photographer... probably an unlikely combination in many's eyes.  But here I am... living proof that creativity & numbers do mesh, in perfect harmony.

Before I became a photographer, I was a certified accountant (boring!), specialised in tax (double boring!!)  I enjoyed the numbers, and I was good at it too.  It was always what I wanted to do, since high school.  This was not under any pressure from family either, my parents were very much relaxed about which career I choose, so accountancy was what I had decided for myself.

Uni & then work life  while getting my certification, it all went so quickly.  I spent much of my adulthood in Australia, until 2012 when my then boyfriend (of 9 years) and I decided that we were going to move back to Malaysia to spend some time with my aging parents.  So we packed up our life in Oz, and came back to Malaysia to start over.

Fast forward 4 years later, we were married and expecting our first baby.  Baby H.  The Joy of our life.  We thought life was complete before he came, how naive were we.  Life with Baby H was everything I had hoped for. Sure,  it was tiring, and frustrating at times, but the joy he brings us, made everything worthwhile.
It was also the first time I had really started using the DSLR camera my husband Matt had gotten me a couple of years back.  I wanted to capture everything about Baby H, and phone camera just wasn't cutting it.  When he was born, I wanted to capture some newborn photos for him, but because we were living in a rather remote area, it was impossible to find a photographer that was willing to come to us...  So we tried it ourselves, and all I can say about it now was, how far I have come with the whole art of newborn photography. 
With a little help from some new friends in the industry, I was able to start learning about photography.  When Baby Z my 2nd born, came 20 months later, I was able to take some photos of him while he was brand new, something I regret not being able to do with Baby H.

Life with 2 young toddlers, how was I able to manage to balance this with my new found love of photography?  With great deal of hard work and perseverance!  I enjoyed every bit of time I spend with my boys, but I also look forward to all those time they take their naps, and bedtime.  It means I get to sit down in front of the computer, do a little more learning.  And when there were new babies amongst the close & not so close friends and family, I was there! Shamelessly taking pictures of their new bundle of joys ^_^ I love every minute of it! The more pictures I take of the babies, the more I am sure that photography is where my true calling lies.3 years after first picking up my DSLR camera taking those amateur pictures, I am READY. Taking on this new challenge, starting a new chapter in my life. Pursuing a goal that I know will make me so happy. A Photographer, a Baby Photographer, I am born to do this! 

If you like my style and want to make an appointment, please feel free to drop me a message at

Thanks for Stopping by,

Chloe Lau
29th June 2019
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