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This is my First attempt ...

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

So i heard the whole blogging idea is good for business... I'll be the first to say that I have never been one into blogging, don't write, and I dont't read it, but better now than never right?

So, a glass of wine next to me and here it goes...

Glass of red wine while i write my first post

This month has been a pretty eventful one, Baby Z turned 2 at the start of the month (little tears in my eye T_T ). My baby is not so much a baby anymore... He is TWO! I made a little chocolate cake with a Paw Patrol Rubble figurine on top. For those who have a little toddler and don't mind indulging them with a little TV screen time, you will no doubt know about Rubble. Well, needless to say, he lost his s*** when he saw the cake, Big brother H is mighty envious, and is already ordering a Paw Patrol Chase cake for his birthday next year.

This was my second attempt at making a cake for Baby Z. First time was for his One Year Old Cake Smash. Back then he was a chubby bubba that ate everything that was put in front of him. So hubby thought it was better I made a healthier version of the cake for him. BAD IDEA! He hated it! And every cake that was put in front of him ever since. I learnt from that experience that if it was meant for a special occasion and rare treat, then go with your gut, and not listen to the killjoy that is also my husband LOL.. I was lucky to get some pictures prior to him trying the cake, of him with a non frowning/crying face. Even more lucky for me the memory of that awful cake was distant enough this time for him to be willing to try this cake and love it. That, and his love of Rubble and Chocolate superseded his memory.

Then last week, baby H had his first school performance, his first year in school. Dancing to Baby Shark with the rest of his classmates. We were super excited! He looked so cute with his little costume, with little blue shark hat on the head. Grandma and his favorite cousin came along for the performance as well.

2 Big milestone for my children... I still can't believe how big they have grown... From the little tiny toes and fingers to having to buy new shoes and socks every 6 months... have to remind myself to take pictures, lots of pictures. They don't stay little for long that's for sure.

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