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The Endless Worry...

Don't you think the love of a mother is the greatest love that ever was and ever will be? Sure, daddies love their children a lot, but mothers... the love is so fierce, so tireless, so much sacrifice yet it always still feels there is so much more to give!

I remember a session with a mother and her miracle rainbow baby. She was a little older with lots of health problems. Having conceived the baby and carry it to almost full term was a challenge. She had to be hospitalized for the last 2 months of her pregnancy, and baby still came out 6 weeks early.

Understandably, baby was tiny when we did our session, her adjusted age was 2 weeks old rather than the 8 weeks she was out in the world. Yes, she was of a smaller size baby, just under 3kg, but she wasn't super tiny for a 2 week old. But mummy couldn't stop worrying about her weight, thinking there might be a problem. Mum also couldn't breastfeed baby due to the myriad prescription drugs she needed. And on top of that, she worried of the baby being like her, because she didn't want baby to inherit any of her health problems.

There was so much worry.

But mothers sometimes forget to stop and relish the moment. To stop and congratulate themselves of the huge achievement they have accomplished. Creating life within yourself for months that you now hold in your hand, regardless if they were a 12 pounder (amazingly I've known even bigger, and thankfully not personally!) , or a 5 pounder. It is the most wonderful thing. Stop fretting, stop worrying, and enjoy it! Children are quick to actively help you worry, once they're on the go - look out.

The worry will not cease of course, but all I am saying is, don't spend all your time worrying, take some time to celebrate too! Celebrate life, celebrate growth, celebrate love. And enjoy every moment of it.

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