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Take Your Own Pictures

How is everyone holding up with the Movement Control Order? Today is Day 13 of Malaysia's MCO, our effort to try and flatten the Covid-19 curve. It was supposed to be a 2 week stint, now it has been extended another 2 weeks to 14th March 2020. Who knows? Maybe it will be extended again for several weeks, there really is no certainty at this point when it will all end.

Many things have been put on hold during this trying time. Schools are closed, Offices too. Weddings postponed, Parties Cancelled. Everything except for the essential services.

You know what can't be put on hold though? Baby. When they are done staying inside mummy's tummy, they are DONE! There is no convincing them to stay put. Unfortunately, during the MCO, it also means that you will likely not be able to get a photographer over to capture pictures of your newly born, if this is what you have planned to do. Personally I have stopped taking in newborn session since the start of March, before the MCO was announced. While I love my job and all the snuggles I get from my baby clients, I also have 2 young children, and one of my aging parents are in the high risk group. It is just not worth putting them at risk.

Although I can't be helping you capture pictures during this especially tough time, you should not have to miss out on the opportunity for some beautiful photos of your precious newborn. So that is why I am giving you some basic pointers here, for you to do a simple DIY newborn photo session yourself.

Understandably not everyone has a DSLR camera at home. Even with just your cell phone, some simple and nice photos of your newborn will still be achievable.

Here are some tips for you:

- Choose a room with ample natural light for your photo session. Try and choose a window or glass door where the sunlight shines through at some point of the day. You should aim to have baby as close as possible to the light source; too far away, you will start to create harsh shadows on the photos.

- Less is Best. Remember the star of the photo should be your brand new addition to your family. There really is no need for fancy set ups or complicated props to mae a lovely photo. I recommend neutral colours for your baby's photos too (cream, light brown etc) These are colours that are timeless, and will still look beautiful in years to come.

- Full tummy is a must for a sleepy baby. You ever had moments at night where your stomach is growling, and you just can't go to sleep? So make sure that baby is well fed and burped right before you attempt your photo session. I've been told by many mums that their baby sleeps best after a nice warm bath, you can also try that before feeding your little one.

- If you intend to take some naked baby shots, remember to keep the room fairly warm. Because of the weather here in Malaysia, I usually will keep a fan going in the room but not directly at baby. Newborn at this tender age, still has trouble regulating their body heat and can get chills easily. When they are cold, they will not relax. Similarly, baby can also overheat easily. Look for signs of baby overheating, if his/her body starts to show blotchiness, then it is likely the room is getting too warm for him/her.

- When you are shooting, remember to never shoot "Up the Nose", this is not a very flattering angle. Instead, you should come a bit higher so that your pictures are not showing baby's nostrils. The light source should also ideally come down from the top of baby's head at about a 45 degree angle.

- Lastly, there is no need to attempt difficult poses. We go through a lot of training to do the pose confidently and safely. Remember safety should always come first. You are wanting to capture images of your baby at their newest, it doesn't have to be fancy. Simplicity can be beautiful too!

If you need any clarification, I am happy to help. You can reach me on my email or whatsapp me 011 656 33009

Take care everyone. Stay Safe! And Happy Snapping!

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