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Our New Sleeping Arrangement

Starting from the beginning of 2019, Baby H had decided that morning is meant to be spent in mummy daddy's bed. He had finally gotten tall enough for him to be able to open his own bedroom door, and then it took a couple more months for him to work out that our bed is more comfortable than his bed, apparently.

At the start of it all, it was full blown tantrum, in the middle of the night, sometimes twice or thrice a night. We thought surely it would passed soon so we allowed some snuggle times, but sharing a bed with an "all corners in bed are places to explore while asleep" toddler had finally taken its toll, so we had to put our foot down. Every time he came in, we had to coax him to go back to his own bed, sometimes with a little company, sometimes with some songs or stories, other times with some stern talking to. Nothing seems to improve the situation, not even after we move Baby Z into his room, so that they now share a room with each other.

After having Baby H coming into our room at all sorts of hours through the night for over 3 months we have had to tell him that we will only allow him in our bed after the sun has come up. Unfortunately this means now almost every time when he walks in, he would open up the curtain and said, "Mummy Daddy, look! The sun is almost up." And to top it all off, Baby Z now follows him into our room in the morning, and squeeze into our bed, which means we now have 4 instead of 3 human being in our bed every morning... we are lucky to have a King size bed in our room, I don't know how we would have managed if we have a smaller bed instead.

Sometimes Matt and I talk about trying for another baby, but unless this bed sharing issue stops, we might not be able to... setting aside the question of when will mommy daddy have ample privacy to conduct baby making project, I just can't see how it is possible to share the bed with another tiny human being. 4 is a crowd, 5 is definitely riotous!

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