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Mama Bear...

In your household, is there one parent that is more feared by the children than the other? You know, the one that does most of the disciplining, yelling, growling, while the other just gives out treats and fun and games?

Well, in my home, the growly bear is Me, and Matt is definitely the fun loving one the children adores. I will be the one who says, 'No TV before breakfast.' whereas daddy would say, 'Sure, why not? Do you want to eat your breakfast in front of the TV?' Or he'll be the one that says 'Let's stay home today.' Me,' You are going to school! You will fall behind if you don't try to catch up!' (H is not even 4, deep down I think I know he will be alright if he misses school a day or two).

I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I have to be the kill joy in this household. I guess if you are good at something, you might as well embrace it instead of trying to fight it.

Having only boys at home though, situations can often times be chaotic. Matt is a very hands on daddy, but being the more relaxed parent, it took us a long while to get our parenting style in sync. It does sometimes feels like I am raising 2 boy children and 1 man child.

Then one morning recently, Baby H laid in bed next to me and asked, 'Mummy do you know who is the naughtiest boy?' 'No, who is it?' ' It is Daddy, because you are always yelling at him' .

I nearly died laughing, but it also got me thinking. Apparently while we are trying to get our parenting style "in sync", there is a pair of little busybodies, observing and absorbing it all.

So I decided, raising the man child will have to be done more on a closed door method. The 2 boy child can be spared seeing mummy bear growling at their daddy...Maybe. I can only promise I'll try.

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