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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Oh Christmas, the most merry of nights! There really is no other festivities that are quite like Christmas. Being from a Chinese/Buddhist family, I never experienced the celebration until I went abroad for studies. Matt on the other hand, grew up in a Catholic family, so Christmas is all the rage.

He had always told me stories of his childhood surrounding Christmas, there were so many fond memories. We decided that we want our children to get to experience all of it. That, and also the fact that when there is a threat of Father Christmas not bringing you toys on the day, somewhat makes everyday disciplining a lot easier.

Baby H is coming to 4 years old soon, and he has certainly come to understand what Christmas is all about (not the religious part, just the presents part). This year for the very first time, he had requested Santa to give him a telescope as a present. He even sat down and "wrote" a letter to Santa about it. No he is not a child genius, proficient in writing at almost 4 years old. It was more like a lot of doodling on a piece of paper. ^_^

Last week, the kids and us put up our Christmas tree first time together as a family of 4; only a small one. But they had so much fun! Not a lot of photographs were taken, shame on me! Since then, Baby H has been asking me every morning if it

was Christmas yet... Maybe next year I will wait till the week before to put it up.

For the 3rd year in a row, we will also be celebrating Christmas at my parents house. Everyone comes over with some food and presents for the children, spouses and the grandparents. To me, although we don't celebrate it for the religious aspect of it. It sure is a good excuse to get the family together, even if it is just for some food and company and the laughter of children. The squeal of delight when they open their presents really is one to rejoice.

Merry Christmas Everyone! May your Christmas be as wonderful and full of fun like ours!

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