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Empty Nest Syndrome

I think I am beginning to understand what Empty Nest Syndrome feels like. You might think, Wait, What? I thought your boys are not even primary school age, how can you be feeling the Empty Nest Syndrome?

So the reason goes like this...

H & Z have a big cousin sister that lives in KL. She often comes to grandma's house on the weekends and our house and grandma's house are within walking distance. So the boys and their cousin see each other often and have a very good relationship. They absolutely adore their big sister!

Z however, no matter how much he loves his big sister, had always been the most attached to his mommy. Doesn't go anywhere unless mommy is there too.

Well... that all changed when my brother bought a fancy bed for his daughter. You know, one of those that is double decker, with ladder on one side and slide on the other? The first time i took the boys to KL to visit, they lose their SH*T over it! Spent the whole afternoon hiding in the bedroom just playing.

Now, every week I get asked to take them to KL for a visit. Last week, my brother offered to take the boys there and back after a few night stay. I thought, surely Z will not agree to it if mummy isn't tagging along.

Yesterday was the day, uncle came to pick the nephews up. He got in the house, the boys squealed with delight, ran out of the house to get in his car. Had to chase them down to tell them that they will leave in 15 minutes, they both came back inside. Still, I secretly believed that come time to go, Z is going to have a meltdown when i didn't get in the car with them.

Instead, they waited patiently. And when uncle was ready, they got in their car seat, and my baby boy, 2 years 8 month old youngest baby, turns to tell me, "Mommy, I will see you later ok?" No tears, just a heap of excited energy....

Inside, I die a little bit... Maybe it is time for me to plan for a third baby 🙄

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