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Capture the Moment

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Even though I have been capturing shots of your newborn for a number of years now, one request I very rarely get from mommy is, "Can I get some photos for my baby and me?"

Now if you are someone who lives in Malaysia/Singapore (Probably majority of Asia too, but I can't be sure), you would know that for most of the new mommies here, we have to go thru a minimum 28 days of confinement period. During this time, many of us are not allowed to shower and most importantly, NO hair washing!

No, this blog is not about arguing the pros and cons of this ancient tradition, how in this day and age the practice should no longer be applicable, although Matt and I have had many heated discussion about this @_@

Compounding this to the fact that most moms would have put on some baby weight during pregnancy, and no longer has a size 23" waist. Understandably, many of us feels very unattractive during this period of time.

But I am here to tell you this.

You only get this chance to capture a very special moment with your tiny little baby. You may not be feeling very pretty right now, but I can guarantee you this, years from now, when the little ones are taller than you, and am spending lesser and lesser time at home, you will be looking back at the photos you have taken way long ago, cellulite and greasy hair and all. And think fondly of the times when you are the only thing that matters to that tiny baby in the whole wide world.

So mommies, do it. Take the plunge, capture the moment. A family photo or two, with you holding that little bundle in your hand. Freeze the moment, and in years to come, you will be so glad that you have done it.

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