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Call NOW, not later... NOW!

So I had an inquiry for a newborn photoshoot last month... Only the baby was already 1.5 month old, and I am booked out for another month, which will make baby closer to 3 month old. I told the parents that for a newborn shoot, we aim to get baby in for a session within a month because of two factors.

1. Baby are usually sleepier in their early infancy, allowing the task of posing them easier.

2. The older the baby gets, the more develop their bones and muscles. If you are hoping for one of those curly tiny baby photos, then the least likely they will comply.

Further discussion with the parents I found out that baby was severely jaundiced at the first month of his life. And they were worried that it will show in the pictures that's why they have delayed reaching out until after the jaundice has cleared.

... ...

Let me tell you something about this magic that all professional photographers uses. PHOTOSHOP (or a variation of it). This magic will eliminate (almost) all your worries about the pictures not coming out perfect, just like your baby is.

We all know that it is natural for (most) babies to have some sort of skin blemish (baby acne, jaundice, flaky skins). This is just a normal stage for babies. More often than not, these will sort itself out after some time.

But you may not know, that after every photo sessions, a photographer usually have to spend more hours doing some housekeeping before you receive the perfect pictures you dream of. This is the time where we use Photoshop to try and improve or eliminate the blemish on the skin, so that baby resembles more like the perfect little bundle you hold and see.

Fortunately for the parents, I was able to book them in for a milestone when baby was 3.5 months old and they were still happy with it. BUT If a newborn photoshoot is what you are after, then my suggestion is this: Don't wait until the skin sort itself out before you call me. Call NOW instead and arrange for a time while baby still fits the newborn criteria, so you can get the photos that you want and not be disappointed.

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