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Date with the Devilish Children

One of the thing i missed the most after being in lock down for over 2 months, is dining out. At least once a fortnight pre Covid-19, Matt and I would take the boys to Melaka for a family day out. Usually means we will go to the same cafe for lunch or dinner, in addition to some other activities we might do together.

Why the same cafe every time? You ask?

The food is nice, for sure. The services are great too. But the biggest reason why we always end up in the same place is mainly because we have struck up a pretty friendly relationship with the owner and waitress in this cafe, so they can no longer reject us and tell us that, No, we don't want your business, your boys are just too out of control. lol!

Having two massively boisterous boys means that we no longer get to enjoy quiet meal together while we throw occasional sideway glances at the table next to us where the parents have brought along their children that appears to have been raised in the jungle. Because now, We are the ones getting sideway glances T_T

We usually walks in to the cafe apologizing before hand for the mess and chaos the boys are about to cause. And we clean up before we leave so that all they have to put up with, is mainly the noise, the yelling, the squelling, the constant stern talking to and the occasional crying.

Would it be easier if we just wait until they have turn civilized before we take them out again for meal? Yes, sure. But is it possible? Absolutely Not. Momma needs some time out too! If it means un-ashame-ly ruining everyone else's serinity in the cafe, then so be it!

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